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Art for me :D

The Cheetah and the Vixen by 0laffson The Cheetah and the Vixen :icon0laffson:0laffson 278 99 Giftcember: A Small Act by TEK427 Giftcember: A Small Act :icontek427:TEK427 14 18 The Serval and the Coyote by 0laffson The Serval and the Coyote :icon0laffson:0laffson 224 131 Run, cheetah! Run! by 0laffson Run, cheetah! Run! :icon0laffson:0laffson 358 86 Sleep, Dream fairy tales... - sketch (FanArt) by DagoKrakus Sleep, Dream fairy tales... - sketch (FanArt) :icondagokrakus:DagoKrakus 7 27
Art done by others for me :D




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Titus Weiss
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
21 | Male | Kansas City, Missouri | Asexual | INFJ | Hermit Person

I draw things, always have as long as I can remember. But in 2014, as my love for art began to fade into my past, it was suddenly revived when I found out about something glorious... webcomics! (And anthros) I was instantly hooked, and now here we are today!

I am currently studying illustration full time. Thanks to my extremely supportive parents I am able to follow my dream of being a professional artist! It's been an amazing journey so far in such a short amount of time, and I know it will get even better!

Also I am in the process of creating a full-length graphic novel set in a historically inspired ancient setting. I already posted a few pages that can be found in my gallery, but it is currently on hiatus as I finish up the script. When I am finished I will be posting regular updates in common webcomics fashion, so stay tuned!

-I currently don't do commissions, requests, trades, etc. Sorry!-


“If we came to our senses, we would be aware of ourselves not as only on the inside of our skins…
But we would be aware that the outside is us too.” -Alan Watts

Howdy! :D

Today is the day! XD I had planned this since the last comic page I drew back in November, but had been super busy the last few months (and I... forgot hehe). But I promised it and it is here! Better late than never!

So the goal of this is I wanted to show you all my working process from beginning to end! Including my equipment, programs, workspace, videos of me drawing, an original Photoshop file of a drawing, etc. And when I worked on my last comic page I thought it was a great opportunity to record me drawing and to assemble this into a fun little journal post for your learning and information purposes! ^^ The comic page is rather old by now, and I have improved in drawing skill quite a bit since then, but my process is still pretty much identical, and my workspace only slightly changed, so it all still applies to me today! ^^
Reason I wanted to do this is I have been helped a lot by other artists sharing similar things, but normally I had to pay to get that information... But since I am just starting out and not very "professional" yet, I will let you all see my stuff for free, just so I can try to help out if possible XD Hope you enjoy! ^^


A few things have changed since I made the videos I will show below, but much is still the same as then. So I will now show my workspace and what tools I use as well as links to where I bought them XD (DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to mention any of these XD I do it for information purposes only!!!) 

First off the drawing program I use is Clip Studio Paint EX and the most common brush sets I use are from Frenden and DAUB. Don't let people tell you if you are drawing you MUST use photoshop. I believe for comic making, Clip Studio Paint beats PS in every category! Plus it is WAY cheaper! If you want a program for drawing characters in a style like mine, check it out before photoshop! 

NOW. Here is a overview, you can see my drawing workspace on left, and gaming area on right XD
Workspace v4 by TitusW

Here is a closer part of where I make the arts! :P 
20170408 173532 by TitusW

And here with the PC on!
20170408 173712 by TitusW

So starting with the main monitor, it is a Dell UP3017 It's a pretty great monitor, and a TON cheaper than those huge wacom tablets you see everyone with XD I have really liked it the short time I have used it ^^ Main reason I chose this is to match the aspect ration of the Intos Pro Large tablet of 16:10, while having the higher resolution of 2560x1600. It is a bit too big actually, but I'm not complaining :P
20170408 173949 by TitusW

Next is my 2 reference monitors, both are the Asus PA248Q sRGB monitor. These were actually my main monitors before I got the new dell one, and they do an amazing job at a pretty low price for professional monitor! I highly recommend them! They are held up like that by a VESA mount here Amazon Link (was a huge pain to build but works well :P ) It's pretty nice to have my photo references on one, and music or DA or whatever. Not really necessary at all, but cool :P 
20170408 173941 by TitusW

To the left of my main monitor I have my sketchbook of choice, Baron Fig Sketchbooks and the Zebra F-701 Ballpoint pen (my favorite one for sketching).
Also two 3dTotal Anatomy Reference Figures which are SUPER useful! They have helped me improve a ton through study of them! 
And that keypad is a gaming keypad from Razer called the Orbweaver Chroma . It is Probably the most useful thing I have ever bought for digital art, next to a drawing tablet XD I bind my drawing program's shortcuts to it, and it is both ergonomic and super easy to use! Saves me TONS of time and desk space over using keyboard shortcuts! Get one if you can! XD
20170408 173924 by TitusW

And here is a portrait mirror I can use for facial expression reference while I draw! I highly recommend having one, they are cheap but quite useful! 
20170408 173934 by TitusW

Next, the tablet! I use the older model of the Intuos Pro Large and it is probably my favorite tablet I have ever used! It may be expensive but it is well worth it for drawing all day long XD I especially love it's huge size that allows me to use my arm to draw and not just my hand! And for a monitor that is 30" it helps a ton there too haha. If you have a smaller monitor like a laptop you should probably get a smaller one like the medium or small sizes :P
And directly behind it is a Corsair K70 Red LED with MX Cherry Blue Switches I also have a one with Red Switches for gaming, but they are both by far the best keyboards I have ever used, I cannot recommend them enough if you are in the market for an expensive keyboard XD It is a dream to type on and build quality is fantastic!
Also My mouse is a Logitech G9x, but they don't make them anymore unfortunately! (I'd buy it again if they did XD ) And the mouse pads are Razer Goliathus Speed mousepads which I also love... I have bought 4 of them XD
20170408 173054 by TitusW

Next, which isn't too relevant but I thought I'd mention it is my gaming setup. It is a Dell S2417DG monitor that is 144hz G-Sync at 1440p and is Just amazing to game with ^^ (even if I never game anymore... XD ) The keyboard is a Corsair K70 that I don't think they sell anymore in silver with MX Cherry Blue Switches :P Also I use the same mouse the G9x.
Also My PC is Windows 10, Intel i5 3570k OC@4.6ghz, GTX 1070, Samsung Pro SSD, 16gb Hyper X Ram. WD Tb HDD, Watercooled, blu ray player, Xonar DG soundcard, etc. It was originally built by iBuypower, but I have changed the internals so much that it is barely the same at all haha. It can run most games maxed out at 1080p and high setting and great frames with the Oculus rift and in 1440p G-Sync. It is showing it's age though and I will probably build a new one next year :P For drawing it works great though XD Rendering in Keyshot is slow but ok haha.
And the headphones are Sennheiser HD598s that I adore. Best headphones I have ever used, I mix live music with them weekly with a professional soundboard and they work great! For home listening with a soundcard is super fun too ^^

20170408 173513 by TitusW

And that is about it! Here is some other stuff XD 
The scanner I use is a Epson v37 Scanner
Here are some more shots, like behind me, and outside my window :P
20170408 173239 by TitusW 20170408 173250 by TitusW 20170408 173820 by TitusW

Anyways that wraps up the workspace! Just wanted to give you a rundown of my tools XD 

DRAWING VIDEOS!!! + Photoshop Document Download!!!

I have waited SO long to post these XD This is my full (mostly) drawing process from beginning to end of me drawing a panel of my last comic page Taria Pg4. I have seen other artist do similar videos with live commentary like I did here, but they always make you pay for it! XD So since I am just an average artist and not a pro yet, I thought I would do it for free :P So here you go! (They aren't the best videos... they aren't even edited XD And please pardon my shyness with the mic XD But if even a few people learn something from them it will be worth it haha)


Vid #1. Intro and Sketches

Vid #2. Inking. 

Vid #3. Flat Colors

Vid #4. Shading Pt1

Vid #5. Shading Pt2

Vid #6. Final Touches

I REALLY hope those can be a use to you! They were such a pain to make since I am a noob at it :P Let me know what you think! If you guys want more vids I may consider it! XD


Last but not least, the download for the original file for this comic page! The rules for use are in the description, please oh please follow them! XD Again, this is something that normally you have to pay for, but hope you can get some use out of it for free! Enjoy! :D 
Taria Pg4 Full PSD Download (For learning only!)

Anyways I really hope this can be of use to you guys! This took me ages to work on and compile (one reason I procrastinated) but it is finally done! Consider it a thank you too you all for all of your support! I Really REALLY appreciate it! More than you know! :D Thanks! ^^ 

If you had to choose between one of these being what happens when you die, what would you choose? 

111 deviants said Reincarnation. You are reborn as another life form with absolutely no memory of your past, you have to live as whatever creature your life energy now inhabits. And the cycle continues forever every time you die.
32 deviants said Nothingness. Once you die you experience exactly what you currently remember feeling before you were born, nothing.


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Hey I really like your art :) You have a really nice gallery! I hope to see more from you in the feature, keep up the good work!
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Your artwork is amazing ^^
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Just wanted to let you know that I really like your art and the themes you're using.

And, holy crap, you've made some amazing progress from when you joined the site.
Really looking forward to see more! Especially from Convictions :)

TitusW Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hey thank you! :D Means a lot to me! ^^

Haha yep it's been pretty crazy! Especially since it has not even been 3 years XD I'm SO glad I decided to start drawing ^^

Thanks! ^^
Chiletrek Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016
 Nice new DeviantID pic :) .
TitusW Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! :D Thought it was time for an update, the last one was from high school haha
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